"Spectacularly designed experience...

A restorative and inspiring retreat for the whole family. "

- Damara & Dave
Want to create life-long memories with your fam?  
Meaningful experiences? Special adventures? 

To get away from the hustle and bustle and take a moment to really enjoy eachother? To be taken care of, physically, emotionally and spiritually? To connect with like minded parents and feel supported by your global village?

... Yah, me too.
I've craved a getaway with my family - only to be frustrated... chasing my kids all day, no romantic time, no relaxation. I ended up needing a vacation after the vacation.

That's why we created Bliss.

Bliss is a real life Present Play Gathering. 

If you feel stressed, rushed and like you're wasting money on your family vacays - you're doing them wrong. 

Are you ready to have breakthrough sessions, full body nourishment, *real* rest, feel what true support and community feel like, all in the breathtaking beauty of Costa Rica?

Are you ready to have a family getaway that feels not only like a true vacation, but also like a complete reset for your body, mind, soul, marriage and parenting?

Are you ready to enjoy quality time off without worrying about ANY of the details, including childcare, friends (for you AND the kids) and date night?

Bliss is a real life Present Play experience. It's a pop up community, a full family adventure. A life long memory-making, family bonding experience. 

Are you ready to step into true bliss?

"It really felt like a community...

I loved all the personalized gestures that really made me feel special - it all felt so unique and thoughtful."

- Amber

A life long memory-making, family bonding experience. 

Life long friendships
  • Allow your kids to play the days away in a community of sweet, multi aged kids with parents who aren't judging you. 
  • Make lifelong friendships and continue to meet up long after your Costa Rica adventure, or become PenPals
  • Experience how much easier parenting is when you're in a village of like minded parents who are all there for the same reasons as you. 
The Warmest of Care in Our Kids Club
  • Program - with a dedicated Children's Program director, and a staff of vetted, warm, playful caregivers - your children will be having fun every day from with their new friends. 
  •  Yoga - for daily doses of playfulness, mindfulness and stretching their bodies just for kids.
  •  Music - for dancing and expression, music activities will let those wiggly bodies be free!
  •  Art - there will be lots of room for creativity here, let us provide the supervised messy zone while you're getting self care.
  •  Nature Walks - feeling the warmth of the breeze and exploring under every leaf along the way, Costa Rica says WELCOME to curious eyes. 
  •  Safety - the caregivers will not be taking the children to the pool or the beach areas (but you are welcome to!)
A Community of Present Players
  • Paradise - that's what I call an entire week of making life long friendships and connecting with fellow parenting junkies.
  •  Community - the online village you love so much will come to life!
  •  Togetherness - this will be the opposite of isolation. Through a combination of structured and unstructured time, you can connect with and feel witnessed by fellow Present Players. 
  •  Sharing - listening parthersnips for being heard, known and understood.
  •   Playmates - seeing our kids play together
  •  This is the opposite of isolation. 
Reconnection with Your Partner
  • Connect - the structure of the entire week is intended to cultivate a deeper connection with your partner.  
  •  Align - morning workshops will focus on aligning as partners on your parenting journey.  This is your opportunity to come together on this journey of parenting together - your relationship will never look the same again.
  •  Date Night - We will be running our kids club on two evenings so that you and your partner can escape to dinner or the beach at sunset.
  •  No Dishes - no food prep, no cleaning - just a week to focus on your partner and your family. 
  • ​Single? Excellent. This will be a time to connect with YOURSELF and you fellow Present Players.
Connection with Breathtaking Nature
  • The Jungle - enjoy the lush, beatiful flora of Nosara, Costa Rica. This zone is a Blue Zone for good reason!
  • ​The Beach - the gorgeous, world renowned surfing destination is but a 5 minute shuttle ride away and we will be running daily shuttles for our Present Players to spend time on this gorgeous, raw beach. 
  • ​Excursions - zipline down a mountain, go kayaking, surfing, on an ATV tour or enjoy the complimentary bikes at Bodhi Tree to explore the local nature sites. 
  • ​Animals - Last year we got lucky in viewing the Sea Turtles lay their eggs! Who knows what we might discover this year? With monkeys and iguanas hanging out near our breakfast tables - you won't leave Bliss without having been touched by the breathtaking nature of Nosara. 
Restoration and Movement
  • Multi-level - if you've never done yoga before or if you're a full fledged yogi, just bring some comfy clothes and you'll be sufficiently soothed and challenged. 
  • Intentional - all daily sessions are crafted yoga with intentional parenting in mind. 
  • Not required - if you prefer to hang on the beach or by the pool, you're invited to do so. 
  • Gym - you'll have full access to the stunning Bodhi tree gym and suite of classes to choose from.
  • Pool - prefer a little oneness with the water? You got it!
Deep Relaxation
  • Every adult who registers for Bliss will receive a 60 minute massage (or roll yours over to your partner if that's not your thing). Walk through the jungle path to your own private oasis of tranquility and relaxation. 
  • Restore your body and soul to prepare for another amazing day in paradise. 
  • Chose from a variety of unique treatments using locally sourced organic oils and lotion. 
  • Enjoy your own mini paradise.
  • Detox. Unwind. Relax. 
  • This is what self care feels like.
Stunning Rooms, a Safe Haven.
  • The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort was designed to flow with the nature that surrounds us. 
  • ​You can begin your day with a cool-down in your open air shower or a dip in the salt-water infinity pool at sunrise. 
  • ​Soothing fountains and waterfalls guide you through the local fauna on your way to your bungalow. 
  • ​Open the door to find a star-lit shower, luxurious cotton sheets and a canopied bed that promises a well-deserved rest. 
  • ​All bungalows have air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi and modern amenities abound. Security staff is available 24 hours a day and housekeeping staff will keep your room looking as beautiful as the first day you arrive.
Healthy, Delicious Meals, 3 times a day.
  • Secluded within the natural ambience of the jungle, Bodhi Tree Yoga resort strives to use natural, fresh ingredients to promote a healthy life style. By gathering ingredients harvested from nature, stimulating individual wellbeing on a ground level can allow ones health to blossom. 
  • Enjoy an array of hot and refreshing cold soups, an excellent buffet of veggies and salads, omelets to order and yoghurt freshly made in the kitchen, the bountiful plant-based options will tickle your taste buds and nourish your body.
  • ​Bodhi Tree also try to cater to any palet as a personalized service to suit your special dietary needs. 
  • Organic wine and artisanal beer are available for purchase with your dinner.
  • ​An organic smoothie and juice bar is available for purchases throughout the day.

"The best nutrition...

It had the perfect balance of scheduled events and free times all the while knowing we are feeding our minds, bodies, and spirits with the best nutrition."

- Sasha & Christian

It's a supportive, pop up community,.

And of course, daily workshops with me, Avital 
Ever felt like you need to press PAUSE on your life and get your head on straight for connected, mindful, peaceful parenting? I do. And that's why I created this retreat. 

Every day, after our bodies are fully stretched in our morning yoga session, we will come together - a community of intentional parents - to enlighten, inspire and educate ourselves on deliberately creating the family dynamics that are motivated by, and that lead to joy. 

If you've ever enjoyed one of my videos, courses or workshops - imagine that 100x as we sit together in a serene paradise and make real transformation to ourselves, our partnership and our parenting. 

The sessions we have together will be designed to be *highly* actionable for you - so that you will leave this retreat with tools, mindset shifts, a plan and a vision for your family's highest good. I can't spill all the beans on what I'll share on our Bliss retreat, but I can promise you will leave changed. 

We will practice what we preach, creating a non Judgmental community, that prioritizes Presence, Play and Peace. 

Experience Present Play in real life.

Kids Bliss... just imagine Present Play Camp, in the Jungle. 
So what should you expect of our Bliss Kids Club? Imagine a typical day - after your nourishing breakfast, you'll take a 5 minute hike through the gorgeous lush jungle alongside tens of other parents and children. On the way you'll spot iguanas, tropical birds and even monkeys. 
When you arrive at the beautiful Yoga Shala, you and your children will remove your shoes and enter our Present Play Space. You'll notice our movement zone complete with swings, yoga blocks and mats. Your kids may begin their day with an arial Yoga class... And outside, under a palm tree, you'll find our messy zone - where they can paint and sculpt. That corner with all the yoga bolsters and cosy blankets? The quiet zone. 
Bliss Babies will be in their own Shala, where they will be cared for by our loving nannies. Music, movement and sensory play will happen every day - babies who need to be outside will be outside and babies who need to be held, will be held. 
During the day our Facilitators will hold space for our kids as they play independently, lead them in yoga and meditation, sing and dance with them, and support them in any way they need.
Together, they'll learn about the beautiful habitat around them on their nature walks, enjoy a simple and healthy morning snack and spend long hours creating. 
Our kids club is designed to be a beautiful, fun, enriching experience for our youngest Present Players... but there is absolutely no expectations or judgements on how you choose to use it. Adults are welcome to stay with their kids, or if you want the day to go on a family excursion - they can skip club. If children need help adjusting we will support you in whatever way we can. The whole point is for all of you to feel at ease, and enjoy. 

Create a family culture your grandkids will thank you for.


The opposite of stress.

Costa Rica’s finest yoga resort and retreat sanctuary
We'll be hosting our retreat in the stunning Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort again! Located in the foothills of Nosara and a short walk from the world class surfing beaches of Guiones. 

Utilizing its unique and tranquil setting in the Nicoya Blue Zone, Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort is the ideal spot to meet your desires of finding peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation with our yoga team. Experience a little taste of what life in paradise might be like.

One stunning ride through this lush landscape will answer why we have chosen Costa Rica as our Retreat home. To explain this in the purest sense, the culture and environment of Costa Rica is one that supports a healthy lifestyle. By the time you leave, you will fully embrace the country mantra Pura Vida (Pure Life)!

"It was better than we could've imagined...

Having an intentional time every day for a week to work on our family/marriage/life was so rewarding."

- Kristi
This retreat is designed for Present Play families who are looking for a true get away.  If you're not a current active member of Present Play, don't worry, you can start your Present Play journey with Bliss! 

If you want to open your mind and heart, want to learn how to use authentic, conscious commuication to get more understanding with your partner, enjoy true family time and connect with nature... if you want to experience a judgement free vacation with fellow parents who are on the same journey and you're open to learning, growing, stretching and having simple, gentle fun... this retreat is for you. 
Want to relax and focus on health and wellness?

Perhaps vacation time for you means sitting with a book, chatting with close friends, doing some yoga and eating healthy foods, all in a beautiful setting. Oh, and how could I forget? Some spa treatments. This is totally what vacation means to me... but... I have FOUR kids! That's why in this retreat we have built in childcare from the sweetest caregivers for a few hours every day.
Want to connect with your children in nature?

Maybe you want to spend time watching your gorgeous kid(s) play in the sand or teaching them some strokes in the pool. This retreat is set in the gorgeous Blue Zone and boasts a stunning jungle set pool and short skip and hop from a beautiful beach. Plus explore the excursions Nosara has to offer from ziplining to surfing!
Looking to reconnect with your partner or yourself?

Parenting has totally taken over your world and you can't remember the last time you felt close to your partner - or in touch with yourself. Time together and time alone is a major issue. And exhaustion. And zero libido. Disconnected, much? You feel as though the kids have sucked up all your love (bless 'em!) and there's nothing left over for the hubmonster - or for you. Where you're single or married - Bliss is designed for you.

Come party with us.

Bliss is not for you if you're unable to come as a family. Our retreat is open to any family configuration, single parents and extended family or friends - but we do recommend the entire family unit be present. 

If you're cynical, or are not willing to open your mind to new experiences and if you're not open to connecting to others - you'll probably feel a bit out of place with our sincere, heart centered crowd. 

We're only interested in opening our community to people who are open minded and ready to bring their full selves to the experience.  If you're a big hearted action taker, who believes in the power of family, a true Present Player - this retreat is for you. 

But please do not be concerned if you've never done Yoga before, or if you intend to spend your time surfing rather than attending Avital's workshops - Present Players come in all shapes and sizes and we want you to spend your time in the way that serves your highest good, there are no compulsory activities at Bliss! And no expectations. We're just thrilled we get to spend a week together. 

A note about "crunchiness" and partners:

Last year we had some families who were worried that they wouldn't "fit in". Particularly there were several people who were super excited about Bliss, but felt they had to drag their partners there and were worried it would be too "woo woo" or 'crunchy' for them. If this is you, please don't worry at all. There is nothing compulsory on our schedule - and we are a diverse and inclusive group. You don't have to be any particular type of person or adhere to any particular belief system, just someone with an open mind and heart who wants to have fun and connect in a beautiful, family friendly experience. 

Wake up naturally, and move through your day with ease. There will be plenty of down time in the morning and afternoons for sleep, meals, individual and family time. 

The daily schedule looks something like this, and will vary from day to day: 
7:00 - 9:00: Breakfast - Nutritious, delicious and made with natural, fresh ingredients

9:00 - 12:00: Kids Club directed by our program Director and run by warm, playful, trusted Nosara Nannies. Nature walks, music, yoga, dance, art, journaling... Present Play Camp!

9:15 - 10:30: Adult Yoga, you'll get to experience a variety of forms

10:45 - 12:00: Love Parenting Workshop with Avital  

12:00 - 1:30: Reunite with your kid(s) for lunch: Healthy vibrant salads and organic cuisines.

1:30 - 4:30: Unplugged afternoon - time for the pool, for excursions, a spa treatment, a hike , zip-lining or surfing. 

4:30 - 6:00: Take the shuttle or go by foot, the beach is a natural playground to take in the soothing sound of waves and gorgeous sunsets before dinner.

6:00 - 9:00: Dinner - bountiful, vegan to pescatarian options will overflow your plate, just remember to leave room for dessert!

Date night babysitting will be available twice during your stay. Use that time for a special date night dinner at Bodhi, romantic walk on the beach, or participate in other adult activities such as a fireside chat with Avital.

"A magical blessing...

It was our first family vacation, and it was amazing, hard to imagine a better experience and I am worried all future family vacations will pale in comparison."

- Dave & Damara
Everything but the flights
What's included? I know I hate going on vacations only to find there are a ton of expenses we hadn't budgeted for. That's not going to happen here. Let me spell it all out for you...
  • 7 Nights at Bodhi Tree: For two adults and one child. Additional children and adults are welcome, pelase see sample price packages below. 
  • 6 Days of Child Care: We are partnering with qualitifed, vetted, warm and playful babysitters and hiring a children's program director so that you can focus on yourself and your relationship every day. The Present Play Kid's Club is intentionally designed for babies to pre-teens.
  • 3 Meals a Day: Organic, plant-based (plus fish, eggs and dairy) health minded food is included in this price and Bodhi Tree can cater to most dietary constrictions such as dairy or gluten free. 
  • Daily Yoga, Gym & Pool: You'll get to experience a wide variety of Yoga and you will also have full access to the Bodhi Tree gym. Not to mention their gorgeous pool! 
  • Daily workshop with Avital: We will meet for a deep dive workshop that is designed to restart your parenting with your partner. This is your opportunity to connect with me personally and go on a journey with your fellow Present Players, your parenting - and partnering - will never look the same again. 
  • 2 Kids Club Evenings: Because we want you and your partner to get quality, kid free time, we are running kids club for two of the nights of your stay. 
  • Spa Voucher: We really want to encourage you to utilize Bodhi Tree's rejuvinating spa experience, and so included in your stay is a 60 minute Spa voucher for each adult to enjoy a full-body massage to the peaceful sounds of waterfalls.
  • Travel To and From the Airport: To keep things completely simplified for you we're including several shuttles to and from Liberia Airport, so all you need to do is get there, and the rest is taken care of! If your travel time misses our pre ordered shuttles, or you're arriving at San Jose - making your own way to Liberia is easy and you will need to pay for it on your own. 
With your investment you will have everything you need to have the perfect family getaway. But there are additional add ons you could consider, once you get there. 
  • Excursions: Bodhi Tree has loads of extra excursions to offer you, should you want to adventure - horse riding, zip-lining, ATV rides, surf camp and more. And if we're lucky, a visit to see the turtles. Once you register for the retreat we will send you a brochure with details. 
  • Flights: You need to book your own flights to and from Liberia Airport (this is the closest airport to Bodhi tree and we will only be providing shuttles from here) or to San Jose (in which case you can fly or book a driver or shuttle to take you to Nosara - it's a 4-5 hour drive. 
  • Juice Bar & Alcohol: Your meals are all included, but if you want more, Bodhi tree has a gorgeous natural, fresh juice and smoothie bar open during the day, along with an alcahol bar during the evening.
  • Laundry: You can drop off your laundry bag at the front desk and have it returned to you for a fee of $15.  
  • ​Bodhi Tree's Yoga Classes: Bodhi tree runs a full suite of Yoga Classes during each day. If you would like to take more than your daily Bliss yoga class, please feel free to drop in on any of these classes, just reserve your spot at the front desk 
  • Gratiuities: Bodhi Tree offers a $10/day per family gratuity suggestion at checkout. You may decline or add to this amount, that's up to you. 
BLISS, starting at
  • 2 Adults: Seven nights for two adults and one child. Price will be adjusted for single parent families. 
  • 1 Child: We are partnering with qualitifed, vetted, warm and playful babysitters and hiring a children's program director so that you can focus on yourself and your relationship every day. Additional fees for additional kids.
  • Deposit: Pay a $500 deposit now to secure your spot. This will go toward your overall Bliss invoice. We will begin working on the best room for your unique family as soon as your deposit is in. 
  • ​​Your Package:  Once you fill out your form, we will configure your finalized Bliss Invoice. We will calculate your final costs based on any additional guests and fit you to your perfect room based on your needs.
  • ​​Payment Plan: Pay your Bliss invoice in an easy, bi-monthly installment plan of $1,500 starting January 15th
  • ​​​Balance Due: The final sum will be due by July 15th.

Sample Pricing

Prices will vary based on your family configuration and room requests. Once your deposit is in, we'll get to work to find the perfect rooms for your family, and adjust your final invoice accordingly. 
The ranges in price reflect the various room options. 

2 Adults 

2 Kids

$7,200 - $8,400

A family of four sharing a bungalow with 2 Queen beds or a room with a king bed and a floor mattress.

2 Adults + Nanny

1 Kid

$7,400 - $8,200 

For a couple with a child who have brought a loving aunt or nanny. 

2 Adults

4 kids

$10,800 - $12,400

A family of six can enjoy two rooms (1 King bed and 4 twin beds) and an open air bathroom with triple sink and 2 showers.

2 Adults

1 Kid


A family of three can enjoy a bungalow with 2 Queen beds or a room with a King bed and a floor bed.

1 Adult

1 Kid

$4,000 - $5,000 

A single parent with a child could enjoy their own bungalow, or cut costs and buddy up with another single parent and share a 2 bedroom casita.

4 Adults

2 kids

$11,600 - $12,800

A family of four who are bringing Grandma and Grandpa. Get two houses next door or pamper the grandparents with their own luxurious private location. 

Questions? Check out our riveting FAQ section below. If you still have burning curiosities, my team and I would be honored to answer them. We've been to Bliss, and we want Bliss for your family too. Use the Chat below, email us:

"Life changing experience.

What we liked most about Bliss was the experience of bonding with families who are like-minded, but come from varied backgrounds. It was a wonderful experience and was one of the best [vacations] we've had as a family."

- Matt & Jennifer
Ready to book your spot? 
Good. Because they're limited!
We are so excited you're considering joining us for Bliss. We want you to get first dibs on your preferences so we encourage you to book now. 
We want you to know that we will do everything in our power to make your sign up process as smooth as possible. If you're coming with additional adults (a nanny, grandparent or aunt for example) - or if you're a single parent and are interested in rooming in with someone else, we'll do our best to accommodate you and get you the best deal possible. 

We pride ourselves on consistent communication. Once your deposit is in - we will make ourselves available in our private Facebook Group for Bliss families, over email or on the phone as necessary. Rest assured, you will be in great hands. We want you to have the time of your life! 
If you're ready to join us, follow these three simple steps...

Pay Your Depost

1. Join the Bliss family! 

Make your $500 deposit today to secure your spot and to show us that you're planning to come! This deposit is non refundable and it goes towards your full Bliss payment. 

Fill Out The Form

2. Let us get to know you...

Fill out the form and tell us about your family configuration.  Once we have your answers, we will fit you with the perfect accommodations for your family.

Begin Payment Plan

3. Easy, spaced out installments

Your sum total will be conveniently broken into $1,500 bi-monthly invoices, starting January 15th. Any remaining balance will be due by July 15th.

Frequently Asked Questions
Located on the Pacific Coast in Costa Rica, in the heart of one of the world’s most beautiful blue zones, The Bhodi Tree Yoga Resort is a modern yet peaceful sanctuary that will meet and exceed all your needs. Balinese bungalows, linen service, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, 25 meter salt water lap pool, juice bar and jungle/ ocean views.

The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort was creatively designed around nature, leaving the surrounding jungle as it was meant to be. Bodhi Tree strives to preserve the jungle’s natural state leaving the impression that Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort has been here for many years.

Solar panels are responsible for utilizing the sun to heat all the hot water needed for the facility. Bodhi Tree will always work towards being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Being aware of our water usage is important in Costa Rica. Long dry winters use up the aquifers storage making it even more important for water management. Here at Bodhi Tree, we take this very seriously and every drop of water goes to use on our grounds. Bodhi Tree has built its own water treatment plant so no water is wasted. This water is used to irrigate the gardens keeping everything green without draining subcutaneous water supplies.

This also means there are open sources of water on the entire campus of Bodhi Tree which makes it unsafe for little explorers to be walking around alone. Please be aware. 

There are also many staircases in Bodhi Tree - so please hold little hands. 

Bodhi Tree is very proud to be a plastic free facility. Along with their community they have taken an aggressive stand on keeping our environment clean and healthy. They encourage every guest to join them in doing our part in Keeping Costa Rica Plastic Free. Through education and consistent effort they are working to make Bodhi Tree a consciously green resort.
Pristine beaches, spectacular sunsets, gentle waves and the most consistent surf breaks of the Pacific Coast are just a short jungle walk away. Bodhi Tree has free shuttles available which will regularly be bringing our families to and from the beach, just a 5 minute ride away. You can also walk, or take some of Bodhi Tree's complimentary bikes down to the beach (no child seats are currently available, unfortunately). 
No! The Yoga sessions we hold are going to be multi level and totally suitable for yogis of all levels including fresh beginners. Plus if you don't want to participate you can hit the gym or the pool at any point. 
Nosara is located about halfway down the Pacific coast in a remote section of the Nicoya Peninsula. The closest international airport is Liberia (LIR), at about 2.5 hours away. Roundtrip shuttles are provided from Liberia. Costa Rica’s largest airport in San José (SJO) is about 4-5 hours. From either location, the drive is along well paved highways for most of the way until about an hour outside Nosara when the road turns to rough dirt (four-wheel drive recommended).

We recommend that each family bring their own car seats, boosters and strollers as necessary. Bikes and scooters are not recommended in the Nosara terrain. 

Tip: If you’re flying into San José and aren’t up for the adventurous drive, you could always take a small plane directly to the airstrip in Nosara. Nature Air offers daily flights starting at $80 that will get you there in less than an hour.
The baseline price for 2 adults and 1 child is $6,600 USD. Package prices range depending on the family configuration. We also have a handful of budget options to cut costs for some cases. We finalize price individually with families based on number of adults, ages of children and room preferences. So please request a quote from us by reaching out in the chat, emailing us at, or booking a call. 

The total package price will be broken down into an easy bi-monthly payment plan as follows: $1,500 by January 15th, $1,500 by March 15th, $1,500 by May 15th, and balance due by July 15th. 

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to reserve your spot, and will be deducted from your total invoice. 
Consider your deposit non-refundable. 

If you have an emergency situation, we will do our absolute best to find a replacement for you and refund whatever possible - however our commitment to Bodhi Tree does not allow for full refunds after your first payment.  

Cancelations before April 7th will receive an 80% refund, minus deposit.
Cancelations before June 7th will receive an 50% refund, minus deposit.
Cancelations before July 20th will receive a 20% refund, minus deposit. 
Cancelations in the last two weeks will receive no refunds. 

In the case of unforeseen circumstances, either by Bodhi Tree or TPJ staff, we will refund deposits to the sum we are refunded by Bodhi Tree.

- 7 nights staying at the luxurious Bodhi Tree Yoga resort in the heart of the Blue Zone, Nosara, Costa Rica
- 6 days of Kids Club run by our dedicated Children's Program Director and the loving, capable Nosara Nannies. 
- 3 Meals a day & snacks - nutritious, delicious, organic cuisine that caters to any dietary needs
- Spa credit for 60 minute massage per person to the Bodhi Tree spa which boasts the most rejuvinating and relaxing world class treatments.
- Daily Yoga and full access to the Bodhi Tree gym 
- Daily workshop with Avital to inspire & rewire your parenting - it will never be the same again. 
- 2 nights of Kids Club in the evening - so that you and your partner truly connect and enjoy romantic, kidfree time together.  
- Travel to and from the airport - several complimentary shuttle times at your disposal. 
Plan on arriving on the 8th of August with time enough to have dinner and get settled in. Our welcome circle will be held around 7:30pm. The retreat ends with a closing ceremony and celebration on the evening of Friday, August 14th which is the last night of our stay. Shuttles will be available to take you to the Liberian airport on Saturday, August 15th. We will have breakfast followed by our Goodbye circle at 10am. 
Like most of Central America, Nosara has a rainy and a dry season but enjoys warm weather year round. August is considered one of Costa Rica's "light" rainy months. Mornings during rainy season are almost always sunny, with showers in the afternoons or evenings, which thankfully cool the temperature and cut the humidity. With temperatures in the mid 80's, you'll enjoy warm sun, vivid rain forest and stunningly beautiful sunsets.
You’ll need a passport valid for at least six months past your arrival date in Costa Rica. Bring copies and keep them separate from the original while traveling. US dollars are accepted throughout Nosara along with Costa Rican colones, so bring at least some cash.

You will want to be well equipped with T-shirts, shorts, skirts, sundresses, flip-flops, sunglasses, hats and swimsuits along with a pair of long pants, a lightweight, rain-proof jacket and umbrella. Nosara is a prime spot for surfing, hiking, horseback riding and yoga so make sure to bring some appropriate gear. 

It is not easy to find basics such as diapers and floaties for the pool in Nosara- although they are available they're also $$. So plan on bringing enough diapers to see you through the vacation. Bringing floaties, goggles and pool toys are recommended. 

Since Nosara boasts plenty of sunshine throughout the year yet offers mostly pricey sunscreens, you’ll want to bring a bottle or two of sunblock with an SPF of 30 or higher. The same goes for aloe vera or another skin-soothing product in case of sunburns. Bring a basic medical kit with band-aids, anti-bacterial ointment, a pain reliever and medicine for an upset stomach. Other additions to your toiletry and medical kit should include prescription medications plus contact lenses along with copies of prescriptions. 

Nosara’s tropical bug population and humidity make insect repellent another must-pack.
There will be some toys for families to use. We have plenty of materials for the mornings with the Nosara Nannies. We do pack these away at the end of the day. Of course, if your child has a favourite toy or book you can fit into your bag, you’re encouraged to bring these along too. 

We will be bringing some favorite card games and invite you to bring toys or materials to share with others. Mostly the kids will be absorped with the pool, the beach and watching the incredible nature that will be right there at our finger tips. 

Our intention is to have a week where the children can discover new things, especially in nature, which is so incredible in Nosara. 
The retreat is a total of 8 days and 7 nights. This gives you ample time to settle in, find a routine and feel deeply nourished. 
Wake up time is individual. We leave you plenty of down time in the morning and afternoons for sleep, meals, individual and family time.
The daily schedule looks something like this: 
7:00 - 9:00 - Breakfast - Nutritious, delicious and made with natural, fresh ingredients
9:00 - Kids Club starts - Driected by our program Director and run by warm, playful, trusted Nosara Nannies 
9:30 - 10:45 - Adult Yoga  
11:00 - 12:30 - Love Parenting Workshop with Avital  
12:30 - 1:30 - Reunitie with your kids for Lunch - Healthy vibrant salads and organic cuisines
1:30 - 6:30 - Unplugged afternoon - time for the beach, for excursions, the pool, a hike or a trip to the local village
6:30 - 8:30 - Dinner  
You have evening Kids Club at your disposal twice during your Bliss stay. Use that time for a special romantic walk on the beach.
Or...on some evenings we will plan different adult activities such as a bonfire/ sunset watching/ women’s circle. 
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included all days except travel days. On arrival we will serve dinner and departure will be breakfast. We are able to accommodate you if you arrive early or leave late. Meals are organic, fresh and locally sourced. 
All meals are 90% vegan - with the optional serving of fish, poultry, eggs and dairy. There is an abundence of delicious food at Bodhi Tree. We are able to provide for Vegan, Gluten Free. Please let us know of any other special dietary requests. 
Nosara is considered very safe. Bhodi Tree Resort is located in a quiet, family friendly town, habituated mainly by local people. You may want to bring along a baby monitor for evenings when you sit out with other families.  
Bodhi Tree has a one of a kind boutique with a fusion of local and international designers. 

Gourmet health food shops, bakeries, and restaurants serving cuisine from all around the world are just a short drive away. The resort will help you with transportation if you need anything, but we strive to provide everything on site.  
Yes, each bungalow has a fridge where you can store fresh milk or breastmilk. Also you can heat water and prepare formula.
All babies and children are welcome. You can bring your newborn or 18 year-old. We have special activities for babies, toddlers and school-aged children alike. Our Kids Club is designed for kids ages 0-10, if your child is over ten they are still welcome, or they may enjoy time by the pool or exploring Nosara with you. 
Definitely. It's not super easy to find the types of diapers you're used to, and they're more $$. However if you're in a pinch they are available in the town center of Nosara. If you use cloth diapers, there is a laundry on site. 
For our kids ages 3 and up we'll have an aproximate average ratio of 4:1, our babies will generally have a ratio of 2:1
The Present Play Bliss Retreat is geared for Intentional, Peaceful (imperfect) Parents - who are looking to create a beautiful, relaxing, connected, healthy quality time with their family and create lasting memories. 

It's for big-hearted action-takers, who want to relax deeply, take time to care for themselves, see the world, and enjoy quality time with their family.

It's for people who are interested in catapulting their relationship out of the power-struggle, conflict and disconnect - and ushering in the next level in their evolution. 

It's for parents who are tired of the rat race, the rush of daily life, the distractions of housework, the addictions of screens and obligations. 

It's for people who essentially want to experience a relaxing getaway with their family that leaves them feeling relaxed joyful and abundant.
No. While the majority of participants may be parents and children, we welcome grandparents, grown siblings and single moms and dads and every family configuration. We do not discriminate and everyone is welcome in the program. 
Absolutely. We celebrate diversity and encourage families from all walks of life to join us. 

"Uplifting and inspiring...

Brought my hubby and I closer together."  

- Layla & Hamed
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